1x wristband for the Keystage Two disco at 6-7.30pm- includes hotdog and drink.
Years 3, 4, 5, & 6 ONLY.
Please ensure wristbands have name of child AND contact telephone number c;learly written on them before arriving. If you can help to set up/ run/ clear up at both or either disco, your help would be hugely appreciated! We can not run these events without extra helping hands- please email Laura at: htlpta@hotmail.co.uk.
Wristbands will be issued a few days before the event.
Please add all children to the basket seperately to avoid any confusion on wristbands and classes.
Please do notify us if your child might require any additional support during the event. Also please let us know if your child has any allergies or medical requirements we need to be aware of on the booking form.
There will be a number of pocket money stalls where children can have their face painted/ buy sweets/drinks/ little trinkets etc. Please ensure children have their moiney in a named envelope/wallet!
Please take coats home with you and bring them back at the end for your child(ren)…there is no where to put 100 coats in the hall!
YOU MUST notify after school club if your child is attending the disco so they are aware!
A guardian over 18 must collect children from the Disco.
Mobile phones are not permitted at the Disco.
Many thanks.

Keystage Two disco entry ticket + hotdog and drink

  • Please ensure all children are wearing their named wristband to the disco. We will also have a list of all ticket holders on the door.